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Phantom of the Opera Graphics [entries|friends|calendar]
Phantom of the Opera Graphics

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Let's get this community back and running!!!! [
July 3rd 2014
time: 7:37

what on earth and heaven is happening to all these communities why are they all dead???? lets bring them al back!!!!
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Music of the Night Header [
May 6th 2006
time: 3:32

[ mood | chipper ]

Hey, I'm new to the community, but I love it. ^^ I made a Music of the Night header for my LJ, and everyone is free to use it for a layout as long as you don't remove my credit. I hope to see more posts here soon! n__n (I hope this works...)

Let the dream begin...Collapse )

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You know what to do. [
March 26th 2006
time: 6:30

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